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Martha during a visit at the Omukama Kabalega site of capture by the British Colonial Troops

For the locals, Kangai Sub-country in Dokolo District is just an ordinary location. But in Uganda’s history, Kangai is no ordinary place. It might signify the final blow to Uganda’s anti-colonialism struggle. It’s in this place where the Ugandan 19th Century monarchs: Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda and Omukama Kabalega of were captured by the imperialists.
It takes about 45 minutes from Dokolo Town on a motor bike to arrive at this site. 

There is a place called Komora in Adeknino Sub County, it is belived that this place got it's name from a Luganda Word 'KOMERA' meaning prison and this place is where they used to imprision people who committed crime. There are undreground tunnels and prision cells built with stones though it has been submerged by water.